Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning out...freeing up space

After a few weeks into the New Year and I am still sticking to my goals.  It has been a challenge, but this is what I have done so far:

  1. Added to our savings accounts!  YEAH!  That is a huge feat for us as this is usually our slow time and we are removing $ from our savings accounts. 
  2. Changed what my pantry looks like.  I have added TONS of beans, rice, healthy granola, nuts, seeds, lots of whole foods (Organic if I can)
  3. I have removed the unhealthy chips from our pantry and replaced them with Organic Tortilla Chips (Costco for $4.xx).  Removed any white rice, and crackers that were loaded with processed junk.
  4. Loaded my fridge with TONS of veggies and fruits.  Costco is great for things like bananas ($1.32/3lbs.), Organic Carrots ($5.49 10lbs), Organic Spring lettuce mix, Organic Spinach ($3.49 for a LARGE container), sugar snap peas, etc.  I am keeping to the Organic produce as much as possible which requires shopping at several stores.
  5. I have spent a little time doing something with each kid every day.  For Jacob he loves to "help" me cook dinner every night, so we spend our time measuring and stirring, and laughing about our messes.
  6. Jalynn wants me to race her on Mario Kart...FUN!  We laugh so hard!
  7. I have been working hard at clearing out old paperwork from our office.  So far I have shredded 2 trash bags full, and recycled 2 trash bags full of paperwork we no longer needed.  I narrowed down what we need to keep to 3 small file boxes.  After 7 years I finally have a grasp on what we need to keep and what can be tossed!  

So, I feel pretty good about my hard work this past 20 days!  Now, I have 2 more weeks to get things moved so we can install our hardwoods.  According to my hubby he wants to build our cabinets and tear out all our old ones...that is to be determined as that requires MUCH more work.