Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sprouts Deals this week S

Sprouts has a few great deals this week on Produce:

Sweet Corn $.19 each
Cantaloupe $.19 lb.
Seedless Watermelon 3lbs for $1
Peaches, Nectarines, Tomatoes, Carotts, Green Beans $.88 lb.
Gala Apples, Bartlett Pears $.99lb
Haas Avocados $.88 each
Eggplant, Cauliflower, Bell Peppers $.99 each

Great King Soopers OOP $12.14

I'm sorry I don't have a picture...I don't have the camera...the hubby took it to work to capture his handy skills.

Here is what I 4 separate Transactions:

(3) Velveta Shells and Cheese cups $.38 each
(2) Quaker Rice Cakes $.99 each
(5) Philadelphia Cream Cheese $.99 each
Total OOP after coupons and buy 5 deal: $.37
I had two $1 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese Coupons from Here
(1) $1.00/2 coupon from King Soopers Catalina
(1) $5 off Catalina from a previous Kraft Cheese purchase
Then it printed me a $5 off your next order for the Kraft Cheese deal

(5) Kraft Cheese (shreds and chunks) $1.88 each
Used (2) Blinkies for $1.00/2
(2) Quaker Rice Cakes
Used (2) $1/2 IP from Here
(3) Kraft Mac and Cheese Cups
Used my $5 cat from previous order
Total OOP $5.16
Received $5 Catalina off my next order

(5) Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads $.99 each
(5) Kraft Mac and Cheese Cups $.38 each
Used $5 Catalina from previous order
Total OOP $3.76
Received $5 Catalina

(1) Gatorade
(1) Head Lettuce @ $1.49 each
2.67 lbs Apples @ $1.49lb
(3) Oranges @ $.39 each
Used my $5 Catalina off my previous Purchase
Total OOP $2.85

Total all together $12.14...not too bad for 31 items and some produce!

I love deals like this...too bad I don't have several more computers for more coupon prints :(

Today is the last day for this RUN!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

King Sooper Great Deals 7/21-7/27

There are some great deals going on this week at King Soopers:

Mega Event Buy 10 get $5 off!

FREE Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1 (if you happened to print the coupons Here, thank you Coupon Katrina)
You will also get a $5 off your next order if you purchase 5 Kraft Items (be sure to do them in separate transactions in order to get multiple coupons, I made the mistake of doing them in one)

Soft Soap Hand Soap $1
FREE with This Printable

Campbell's Spaghettios
$.49 use This Coupon which will double to $1 and you can get 2 cans FREE (be sure to print your two coupons)

Activia Yogurt
$1.88 use MFQ from 7/18 SS
$.88 each

Kraft American/Cheese slices are part of the Catalina deal also
They aren't part of the buy 10 event.  So if you purchase 5 you pay $6.66 and you will get back a $5 Catalina
$1.66 for all 5 or $.33 each after your Catalina coupon.
I haven't tried it on these but I bet you could roll the Catalina from the Cream Cheese into the Kraft Cheese Slices and have a great deal can freeze the Cream Cheese...not sure about the slices, but they don't seem to go bad.

These are a few of the great deals...Read more over at Coupon Katrina (her list is from Ohio, but I found our ad is very similar.  They don't list all the deals in the ad, but as I was shopping I noticed her list items were part of the Mega Event!

Don't forget to load your Shortcuts, Cellfire, and coupons on the King Soopers site!

Happy Shopping and I hope you can score some great deals!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did you know???

Did you know you can load coupons on King Sooper's and Safeway's website?

King Sooper's has a TON of coupons you can load to your card.  Some are high dollar.  I'm not sure how these work yet, but I am assuming they are going to work similar to the and coupons!  If they do you can double up your paper coupons with these also!  I am hoping it will work that way!  If so we have many options for our savings to add up!  I will have to test these out next time I shop.  I am wondering if we can use a cellfire, shortcuts, King Soopers, and paper coupon???  Wouldn't that be awesome!  I know that both shortcuts and cellfire will double up along with our paper this would be fabulous!

Safeway just has cellfire, shortcuts, and P&G coupons to load...I am still playing around with all of this!

Learning something new every day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Ripped Off

I am feeling a bit ripped off today.  I just don't understand how our electric bill can go up so much from last year???  A friend of mine was feeling the same way the other day...

Last year we used 830 kilowatt hours and this year we used how can it be that much higher with an average daily temperature only 1 degree higher than last year???

We have switched our electronics to a power we don't have phantom electric usage.  I know there are the two fridges, the washer/ leaving their lights on and we are using fans a lot, but we use them a lot last year.  My husband hasn't really worked here to use electricity like some summers.  What is causing our high usage???

I am thinking more and more that we need to bite it and blow in insulation into our attic.  My hubby isn't looking forward to that as we have vaulted ceilings and he will have to crawl in...but is that one of the solutions?  Our windows are fairly new, but we could use some better energy efficient doors.  I just can't see how it can be higher if we really aren't doing much different from last year???

What do you do to keep your electric costs down?

Friday, July 9, 2010

Albertson's Blueberries

 Albertson's has 11oz. Blueberries on sale for $.99!

 This is an even better price than the last sale they had.  You can only get 4...and I found out it is "per family."  I tried to have my daughter buy 2...but they told me it was per family...even though it doesn't say per family.  I will just have to hit another Albertson's.  I did find out that if you have a raincheck and they can't fulfill it within the 30 days, bring in your raincheck and they will update it for another 30 days!

 We love to freeze our Blueberries and make Banana Blueberry Bread.  I will have to post that recipe.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Deal of the Week at King Soopers

 King Soopers has Hamburger Helper on sale for $1 or $.88 depending on your store.  The two stores that have it on sale for $.88 are 120th and Colorado Blvd. and 136th and Colorado Blvd.

Purchase (3) =$2.64
Use (1) $.75 off 3
Download Shortcuts coupon and Cellfire coupons to your cards.  These are both $.75 off 3
Pay: $.14 for all three or $.04ish each

Kings also has Chicken thighs for $.29 at these two stores!  It thought this was a great deal also!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain, Rain...GO AWAY! Please

Dear Rain....

Would you please go away until midnight or so.  I have a job to do outside and I don't want to get wet.  I would really prefer to work an hour instead of 3-4 hours. 

My grass really likes you...but right now, I need you to go away so I can park airplanes and go home.

Thank you very much!

Goodwill 50% OFF this Saturday 7/10

Edited to correct this.  I swore my cousin said she worked at the Goodwill...however she works at the ARC store on Washington in the old Safeway building

 My cousin gave me some valuable information on the ARC.  She works there and has all the scoop.

 Maybe some of you knew this...but I didn't.

 Every Saturday is 50% off day!!!  Tuesdays are Senior days and it is 50% off for them!

Now...this Saturday is the 50% off at Goodwill...

I'm not sure about all Goodwill's but this is the Goodwill on between Washington and Grant, in Thornton!

Frazzled like my hair is today in this weather...

Do you ever feel so frazzled like you never get anything accomplished?  I know I's a daily thing.  I run around get distracted by the little things that need to be taken care of and never get to the important things.  When I do get to the important things...I am so frazzled that I just don't feel like I do them very well.

I have tried many things in the past...things such as:
  • making myself a schedule for almost everything
  • making goals to clean off my clutter/hot spots daily
  • having list after list...only to not find the original list and then not complete the list
  • making/using a control journal
  • setting up routines
  • getting the kids involved

All of these things have worked to some extent...however I just can't seem to stick to one.  I used to use a Franklin Covey planner/calendar system.  I LOVED that thing.  It was the best thing for me to keep myself organized.  But, the cost...well my frugal side takes over and I just don't want to spend the $$$ on it.  But, I haven't been able to replicate what that system did for me.  If time weren't an issue, I would make up something similar and put it in my little organizer. 

The things I loved about my Franklin Covey Planner were:

  • I could write down my list for the day in one place...and actually find it again.
  • It had a system for prioritizing your list
  • There was a place to write down notes/$ that you spent that day/and Goals
  • I could carry over my list that I didn't complete to the next day.
  • I had sections where I could write down my goals, wants, needs, wishes, etc.
  • In general...I stayed more organized that I am today.
  • I could carry it with me because it was so small.
My mom or mother-in-law would tell anyone that I am a pretty organized person...I get it from my mom.  However, I am forever changing my system.  But, I am realizing now (I must be getting old) that I need to stick to what has worked in the past.  My other "old" issue is I tend to forget things...yes, I am very forgetful and have missed appointments, etc.  I even write them down...yet still forget.  Maybe the forgetfulness is because I have so much on my plate in any one given day???  Must be...I'm not old, right?

So, what works for you?  How do you stay organized and keep using the system you have in place?  Am I the only frazzled mom out there?  Somehow I think so, but in reality I am probably not the only one feeling this way.

Off to clean up my desk...feed the kids...get ready for swim lessons...and find out what to make for dinner...oh, and start some laundry.

Deal of the Day...Groupon

A while back I signed up for Groupon E-mails.  They will send you a daily e-mail with a deal.

Groupon works like this...they send out the deal via e-mail, facebook, twitter, and if you want the deal you click to sign up.  After they have so many people sign up...the deal is ON!  You along with everyone else who signs up gets the great deal.

I have seen so many great deals come to my inbox, manicures, massages, dinners, coffee, etc. 

The deal today is

$5 for $10 Worth of All-Natural Ice Cream, Coffee Drinks, and Hot Dogs at The Red Trolley

  Red Trolley Website

Sign up at Groupon's Site or get in on the Deal Here:

Groupon's Website 

Have a Fabulous Day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

$8.99 Twin Sheets at Kohl's

I picked up a couple twin sheet sets for the kids beds at Kohl's today.  They have some cute patterns/solids.

They are 200 thread count sheets.  I thought $8.99 was a great I thought I would share!

If you have a 20% discount that would make this an even better deal!

Big Lots 20% Off Coupon!

As I was poking around looking for a Kohl's Coupon...which I couldn't find.  I found this 20% off Big Lots Coupon.  I like to go an see if they have any good scrapbooking this will come in handy!

20% Off

Deal of the Day...BETTER than FREE Nivea Shave Cream for Men at Target

A nice friend of mine passed this info along to me...thanks Michelle!

I did this deal yesterday at Target

Target sells Nivea Q10 shave gel for men for $3.49 regular price (this is at the Target on 120th and Washington)
Then if you happened to print the Target coupons for $2/1 Nivea Q10 use 2 of those.  I couldn't seem to locate the coupons on anymore...but even if you don't have these coupons this shave gel is a great price...and according to my hubby it lasts forever (he has been using one can since December)and makes his face really smooth.

Here is the math:
(2) Nivea Q10: $3.49 x 2 = 6.98
- $4/2 MFQ=2.98/2 shave gels or $1.49 each

If you have printed the Target coupons...
-(2) $2/1 Target coupons=  -$1.02

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deal of the Day...Old Navy $1 Solid Flip Flops

This is a coupon...I can forward to anyone who wants it...just leave me your e-mail address or send me a quick e-mail.  If this deal is like the $2 tank tops you will need to get there when the store opens or you won't be getting your size or any at all.  I showed up for the tank tops at 10:45 and they had ONE in my size and ONE in my daughters size.

Here are some other great deals at Old Navy!

Happy Shopping!