Friday, July 22, 2011

Where has the summer gone?

As I sit out on my deck on a warm afternoon enjoying the quiet while my son plays and my daughter is on a bike ride with her friend I can't believe that July is almost over! 

I guess when you are busy helping your husband get a cabinet project completed and out of his shop time flies! 

The kids have been keeping me busy with swim lessons, weekly movies, geocaching, playing in the water...and just about anything we can find to do for cheap or better yet FREE!

These are the free things we have been doing this summer:

  • FREE game per day per kid including shoes!
  • Swimming with friends at their pools.
  • Slip and slide down our backyard hill!
  • Geocaching with friends...this is so much fun for the kids and they get a lot of exercise!  Check out  You can find all kinds of geocaches within in walking distance from your house!  
  • We have played in the water the parks.  Where ever they are to keep cool!
  • Harkins Movie Theaters has a summer movie program that cost us $15 for the three of us to see 10 movies all summer long!  If you didn't get the pass it is $2 per movie.  There are still two left and the play every day of the week!  We saw Yogi Bear yesterday...I even enjoyed it!
  •  My daughter went to camp for a week and learned so many wonderful things...all for a very low price!  It was worth every penny we paid!
  • Swim lessons are pretty reasonable and had given my daughter strong skills in the water...however they tend to fill up fast for the little kids and I couldn't get my son in :(
  • My daughter learned how to care for our neighbors dog and house while they were away.  It was a great responsibility for her and earned her some summer fun $$!
  • Teaching my daughter to clean :) bonus for me!
  • Summer reading!  Our closest libraries don't have the best program, but Broomfield seems to have a great one with all kinds of prizes.
Now that I can breathe just a little bit around here...I wanted to do so many more things this summer.  Let's see if we can accomplish any of them.  We have one vacation this summer and a birthday where a special girl will turn 9!  Those will be our last fun things for the summer!