Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Potential Glade Deal at Target

If you were couponing last year you may have done this deal at Target.  I love Glade Scented Oil Candles...and scored some great deals on them last year.  I am hoping for more.  The holiday scents are WONDERFUL!

I worked out at least one deal that will end up being $5.39 OOP (this is with Tax) and get at $5 Target Gift Card!

Here is the deal:                                                                                       Math:
Buy 4 Glade Jar Candles                                                                         $11.96
Use (2) B1G1 Free Glade Jar Candles 9/26S                                          -$5.98
Also use (2) $1.50/2 Glade Jar Candles found on      -$3.00
Buy (1) Glade Scented Oil Glass Candle Holder                                       $2.99
Use (1) $1/1 Glass Holder 10/3 S                                                            -$1.00
                                                                                         Total OOP  $4.97 plus tax

I hope for more coupons to come out...this would be a fabulous deal to roll gift cards into!

Target Deals...FREE Coffee Mate Creamer

This week Target has Stouffer's Family Size meals on sale for $6
I had printed out $1 off Stouffer's coupons...and now I can't remember for the life of me where I printed them from.
So, if you happen to have those coupons you pay $5 each and if you buy 2 then you get a FREE Pepperidge Farms Frozen bread.

I also picked up Band-Aids with the $3 off 3 coupon.  It made them $.82 each after the coupon.

Oh...the best FREE item this week is the Coffee-Mate Creamers that are on sale for $1.50
Use 2 of these coupons and get them both FREE!

Not much at Target for me lately...but these were a few good deals.  It also appears that there may be a great Glade deal going on...I need to work that one out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

70% Savings today at King Soopers

I bought the following today at King Soopers (sorry no pictures...I was running out of time today)
(2) Tide Laundry Detergents (make sure you load the Kings Ecoupon) $4.98 for both (had $2 off coupons)
(6) Oranges
(1) 3lb. Bag Organic Apples $2.99 bag
(1) 1/2 Gal Milk
(1) 1/2 Gal Chocolate Milk
(3) Dial Handsoap $1
(4) Suave Shampoo $1.45
(6) Kids Crest Toothpaste (free with coupons) $1
(4) Carbano Stain Removers (Clearance section for $1.19 each...amazing stuff)
(2) Dawn Dish Soap with Olay Renewal (Free with coupons) $1
(3) Athenos Hummus (free with coupons) $1
(2) Kroger Cheese 8oz.
(6) Tic Tac Mints ($.09 with coupons)
(10) Zone bars ($.19 with coupons...not on their $1 sale)
(1) Toothbrush for my a rain check since they were out...maybe more coupons will come out?
Paid $33.96

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This weeks King Soopers Freebies!

Kings has several Freebies this week...I have my list in hand and ready to hit the store tomorrow!

Dawn Dish Soap $1
9/26 PG

Crest Toothpaste $1
9/26 & 10/10 PG

Athenos Hummus
10/10 S

Those are the freebies I see here are a few more great deals:
Dial Hand Soap $1
10/10 RP
Eggs $.88 doz. 120th Ave and 104th Ave Stores only
Florida's Natural OJ $1.88 at 120th Ave and 104th Ave Stores only

Healthy Choice has a deal when you buy 10
9/12 RP

If you have enough coupons you can get these to $.56 each.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cottonelle, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Dannon Light Catalina Deals

These are Catalina Deals running at King Soopers for the rest of the month.  There may be more...but these are the ads that I got.

Buy (2) Get $2.00
Buy (3) or More Get $3.00
Off your Next Shopping Order

Nature Valley Granola Bars
Buy (3) Get $1.50
Buy (4) Get $2.50
Buy (5) Or More Get $3.50
Off your Next Shopping Order

Dannon Light & Fit 4 Packs
Buy (2) Get $1.00
Buy (3) Get $1.50
Buy (4) Or More Get $2.00

Off your Next Shopping Order

Watch for coupons and sales and remember these will roll to another sale of the same items!

Ohh...ohhh...ohhh...Sunflower Market opens near me tomorrow!!!

I am so excited that Sunflower Market is opening tomorrow near me!  They have some great deals on produce and I plan to get some!  I read they will be having some fun games, BBQ, a hay maze..etc.  I may take my son there for some fun...and veggies!

They even have great deals on organic produce!  I am excited!  I hope I can get a list made soon...but alas, there is homework and a book project to be done.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Did you all see the $2 Huggies Wipes coupon?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the $2 Huggies coupon in yesterdays paper!  I don't have a baby anymore...but we still use wipes!  I use them to remove my eye make up.  LOL.  Must start collecting these babies!  Target puts them on sale and you can get them FREE!!!  YIPPEE..more FREE stuff!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Rubbermaid containers

For my birthday I got some new Rubbermaid containers with locking lids.  I LOVE them.  They stack so well and don't tumble over when I open the door.  The plus I can actually close the darn door now.

This is how my cupboard look prior to new containers.

This is the after pic!

What a huge difference!

Albertson's Scores!

Here is my loot from Albertson's today (with a little guy waiting to get into it all).  I paid a total of $40.29 and I saved $ 80% savings!  Yeah me!

I got the following items:

(5) Chex Mix
(2) Gardettos Snack Mix
(4)  5lb. Bags Gold Medal Flour
(11) Nature Valley Granola Items (either bars, nut cluster, or the new squares)
(4) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
(2) Wheaties Fuel
(8) Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes (hello Christmas...I may make some cute gifts with these)
(5) Betty Crocker Muffin Mixes
(4) Bags Bugles
(4) Jett Puff Marshmallows
(5) Simply Cookie Dough
(2) Yoplait Splits
(2) pack of Disposable Foil Pans
(2) Soft Soap Hand Soaps (no coupons match up, just need some soap)

I was planning on getting the Yoplait Delight Yogurts, but they didn't have the lemon.

Most of these coupons came from or
I did find coupons for them in the recent P&G inserts.  I don't have all the match ups at the moment, but if I get a chance I will do that later.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Target deals

I haven't shopped at Target in a while, but over at Stretching A Buck are some great deals listed!

I plan on picking up the Free Tide, First Aid Kits, Band-Aids
and the Glade Scented Oil Candles...I love them and I am out!  Need to restock if possible!

Waiting on my ads to arrive to make my grocery list.  In the meantime I am looking at the Target ad and coupons that are available.

Groupon today...42% off The Denver Post

If you need a subscription here is a deal today through

It is $17 for 13 weeks plus you get a $10 King Soopers Gift Card!

This isn't valid for current fair is that?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's cold...brrrrrr!!!

Not liking the rainy weather today.  According to Mr. Weatherman it may freeze here tonight.  I am not wanting a freeze yet.  My tomatoes are still going strong, and it is suppose to warm up the rest of the I am planning on covering my tomatoes, and possibly my jalepino plant...anyone want any parsley before I neglect to cover it up?

I need to get my grocery list planned out today...but I am ready a really, really, really good book that I just am having a hard time putting down.  If you have read any books in the series the The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo...then you understand.  I am on book #2 and it is even better than the first one!  So, if I am MIA it's because I can't stop reading...then I have moved on to the next book in the series.  LOL

Days like this just make me want to read...and it's nap time...guess I will get out my book, a blanket, and some tea!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Mission

I'm off to get my car tidied windshield is a mess.  Then get gas and a movie for movie night tonight instead of tomorrow night.  I have book club...and I need to make an appetizer.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Family Pictures Displayed

Since the day I knew we would be doing our family pictures, I have been dreaming...yes, this happens in my dreams) of how to display all our photos.  At first I was going to display them in the stairwell that goes upstairs...but I thought no one would ever see them, except me on my way to do laundry, or go to bed....or do more chores.

After I had a nice dream about it, I decided that the large wall in our living room would be a great place.  I have seen family motto walls all over blog land...and I wanted to do one also.  So, I picked out the words that meant the most to our family, and then started designing them in my Sure Cuts A Lot program.  I had these fonts all designed well before our photo shoot was done.  It took me quite some time as I wanted to fonts to "mean" something.  So, each font was carefully thought over as I searched through my 800 fonts for the perfect one for each word.  It took me a few weeks as I only had time to do a few fonts each day.

I had the 8x10 frames already so I worked with those to create my collage.  I just had to add the large frame in the middle that I picked up for 65% off at Michael's.  I picked up the J from Kohl's clearance for $3ish.

I actually had them up on the wall waiting for the prints...and here is my family motto collage wall.

My next problem areas is the stairwell to the basement.  I have this ledge that covers a jog in the framing...weird builders.  So, I wanted to display some frames there (I had some there before, but they didn't match and I just didn't like it) so I got (4) 5x7 black frames (with coupons) and painted the 8x10 frame in the middle that was once red.  I added the same large frame that is in the living room to create our family established wall.  My hubby thinks that I am crazy for adding all these words to our walls...but I like it, and it isn't permanent and we can change it whenever we like...and it's my there!  LOL

It's really hard to take pictures from the stairs with a wall in the middle of this here are a couple one from each set of stairs.  I think the wood may get painted white some day...but for now.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on Albertson's Oatmeal Deal

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my what do I decide to do...get in on a great deal.  I went and did my weekly grocery shopping.  A great deal is like a cheap thrill...LOL!  At least the store don't tell you how old you are getting.  My hubby thought it would be funny to point out that I have only 8 more years until 40 and at that point I will have a 16 year old child!  I didn't find that too funny...I still have to get through the next 8 years!

The Albertson's $3 off 5 coupon works in combination with the $1 off 1 Quaker Oatmeal coupon that I posted about HERE

If you have enough coupons you could walk out with all of your oatmeal FREE!  Unfortunately, I didn't order any extra of the oatmeal coupons and I don't know if I would get them in time, so I settled and got the following:

(8) Boxes of Quaker Oatmeal Squares
(5) Boxes of Quaker Instant Oatmeal
(2) Containers of Quaker Oats
I also picked up the Laughing Cow Light cheese slices (buy 1 get 2 free)
(2) Avacadoes
Green Onions
Total $21.42

It was a good birthday trip!  Sorry no picture...I am lazy today!  I'm off to play with my Cricut, and eat a Banana Blueberry Muffin...all diet rules are off today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Great Deals at Albertson's this week 10/6-10/12

I am putting together a deal for Albertson's this week.  They are double, triple, quadrupling coupons this you may score some deals!

Quaker is running a deal if you buy 5 you get $3 off with in ad coupon.

There are some quaker coupons that will combine...if you can use them with the in ad coupon.
$1 Quaker Oatmeal 9/12 RP
$.75/2 Quaker Granola Bars 9/19 RP
There is also a coupon in 9/26 S for Birds Eye Steamfresh veggies...and they are on sale for $1 this week.  The coupon is for $1/3, so not free, but a pretty good deal.

If you have enough coupons and this will work.  You can get Quaker Oatmeal FREE.
The granola bars will be $.50 each box, and if you have the Quaker Captain Crunch coupons still they would be FREE also!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Weekly Menu

Thursday: Haystacks (this it my hubby's favorite meal.  You layer chips, cheese, beans...usually pinto, salsa (homemade), guacamole, and lettuce.  Basically glorified nachos!  LOL

Friday: Pizza Friday (you can check out my pizza recipe here)

Saturday: What ever the hubby feeds the children...I have book club and am bringing Hot Parmesan Artichoke Dip.

Sunday: Leftovers or fend for yourself night.

Monday:Chicken/Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken and Brown Rice.  A veggie burger for the vegetarian

Wednesday: Turkey Dinner (layer turkey slices, sliced zuchinni, squash, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. Again a vegetarian protein for Thomas.

You can check out other Menu Ideas over at the Organized Junkie

Food Storage Tip of the Week: I hate throwing out I have been finding ways to put life back into food that doesn't look so great...Here is a practical tip for you to try.  You can perk up wilted lettuce by adding vinegar or lemon juice in a bowl of water.  Add wilted leaves for a hour...they will perk right upSource: "The Penny Saving Helper."

Have a great day! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goodwill scores

Today is 50% off day at Goodwill.  I scored 4 pairs of pj's, 3 pairs of Children's Place pants, and 1 shirt for my son.  I also picked up a couple of cute ceramic pumpkins, 5 ceramic pots for the shelves in my bedroom, a Halloween costume for my daughter, a shirt for me, a couple of cute skirts and two shirts to go with the skirts for my daughter.  I got everything for about $30!  We are set for a while for clothing...except the socks that Jacob goes through like crazy...

Have a great weekend!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Today is car clean out day

Do you have a FREE vacuum car wash in your area.  There is one close to me and I love using it.  The vacuums are so nice...a lot less noisy, and more convenient that pulling out the shop vac every week.  The place I go to even has a mat cleaner...and FREE also!  I hear from my friend over at The Whimsical Princess that their washes aren't too bad either...$6 gets you a basic wash.  I don't wash my car all the time but that isn't a bad price.

I plan to get my car cleaned, gas in the tank, my purse cleaned out...and the mission of the day done.  Today that mission is (taken from my flylady daily e-mail)

Zone 1: Mission #1 Friday

Dear Friends:

Today is our only day in Zone 1. Today's mission is very simple!
Grab a broom and a vacuum cleaner. Set the timer! 5 minutes in each
area. Sweep the front porch and shake out the door mat. Next a
quick sweep or vacuum in the entrance area. Last dash around the
dining room with a broom or the vacuum. This is just a quick mission
that makes you feel so great. When there are no dust bunnies chasing
you or gritty floors your home just feels better! You do not have to
get overwhelmed by this. Do not move furniture around or get
sidetracked. Just a quick maintenance sweep and vacuum.

Congratulations on a job well done this week! We are always so proud
of you!!

What are your plans for today?
What are you cooking for dinner tonight?

Golf Date Night...on the cheap

Last weekend I planned a fun date night for Thomas and I.  We haven't been able to spend much quality time together because our business has been so darn busy and then when he gets home from working all day...I take off and go to my part time job for a few hours.

So, I got to thinking about something my husband would really enjoy...GOLF!  So, I sent him this invitation:

Now, when I gave him this he laughed.  I asked him what was so funny...he just laughed and said, he thought it was awesome!

Then I set up the Hole-In-One fun in the living room.  (Next time I think I will add some obstacles and other holes to putt at.  I used our putter thing that spits the ball back at you.

I used foam balls with golf tees to help the balls stand up (I also had to cut the bottom off to make it sit flat), then I glued each letter that I cut out with my Cricut to a skewer and stuck it into the foam ball.  Then I cut out the felt into putting greens and there is a sand trap there also.

I had some snacks for us before we were going to head out to play putt-putt...

but, we were both tired (I was starting to get a sore throat) and decided to see a movie instead.  We picked out our movie and headed out.  I packed my purse with snacks and made sure I had our movie coupons.  We enjoyed Inception and then came home for some more putt-putt practice.

I now have a tub started with our "future date night" ideas and I plan to add props to it so we can have "cheap date" nights at home.

This cost me about  $4.50 for the props, and then another $5 for his favorite "ginger beer" (he doesn't drink real beer).  The snacks I had at home.  The putt-putt would have only cost $7 because I had a coupon, but instead we saw a movie with coupons and that was $15.  So our date night cost a total of $24.50...a lot cheaper than going out to dinner and a movie!