Saturday, August 21, 2010

King Soopers Freebies

It's been a while since I have had a chance to post.  I can never keep up.  My oldest turned 8 this week and we had a small family party for her last Sunday, then her actual Birthday we went out to eat and celebrated with a 1/2 eaten cake (the dog ate the other half right off the stove, I salvaged what he didn't touch...darn dog)  and today we have her friend party at 2...swimming here we come.

Anyway,  Kings has a few Freebies that I picked up today and several other great deals:

Right Guard Deodarant
Use B1G1 Free from 7/25 RP
Also use $1.50 from 8/15 RP
These end up being better than FREE
I picked up 6 as it is the deodarant that my hubby likes.

Quaker Rice cakes (part of the buy 8)
There are $1 off printables on quakers website.
These would be FREE

There is also a deal on Fruit Snacks (I only bought these for the birthday kid doesn't need anymore cavities)
They are $1.49 a box
There are many printables out there for $.50 off two
Shortcuts has coupons you can load, and possibly cellfire.
Then if you buy 5 you get a $3 coupon off your next order
This could be as low as $.49 after the $3 coupon if you buy 6 and use (3) $.50/2 coupons

I also got some good deals on Ziploc containers, Cottonelle Toilet Paper (check their site for coupons), Gardetto's Snack Mix, Chex Mix, Bugels, etc. 

Have a great Weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Faaabulous trip to Albertson's

Much to my surprise Albertson's was only out of Frosted Mini Wheats...I had to rearrange and spent a little more than I planned.

I did 4 transactions and the whole time my daughter kept asking me how many times were were going to do this???  And every time she was amazed at how the machine kept spitting out $10 coupons!

My first transaction was (10) Morning Star Farms products (if anyone knows how expensive these are at Albertson's they are about $4 a box)

I used (4) IP's from Morning Star Farms site (my neighbor was so nice and printed me two)
I also used $.75/1 from 7/11 and 6/27 RP
Total in coupon discounts $7.50
I paid $13.25 OOP
Out popped a $10 coupon OYNO (off your next order)

2nd Transaction:

(6) Boxes Nutrigrain Bars
(4) Boxes of Keebler packaged sandwich crackers
I used several different Nutrigrain coupons from 7/11 RP and from cereal boxes
I also used (2) Keebler sandwich cracker coupons from 8/1 RP
Used my $10 coupon from previous order
Total OOP$5.75
Out popped a $10 coupon OYNO

3rd Transaction:
(2) Nutrigrain Bars
(4) Morning Star Farms Products
(4) 12 ct. boxes of Pop Tarts
I used (3) Pop Tart coupons (various from cereal boxes)
(2) Nutrigrain Bar coupons from cereal boxes
Total OOP $6.50
Out popped my $10 OYNO coupon

4th Transaction
(13) Hunts Pudding (for school lunches)
(3) Planters Trail Mix
Used in ad coupon for $3 off wyb 10
Used my $10 coupon from previous order
Total OOP $4.13

Total OOP for today $29.63
Total Saved $134.62


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Behind...but great Deals at Albertson's

Crossing my fingers they still have enough stock!  I put this off until the last day of the sale.

Details to follow when I get home.  Hoping for the best of under $25 OOP and coming home with a TON OF FOOD!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monogram Tile for a Wedding Gift

 This is without the stand

I bought a tile from World of Tile for more than I wanted to spend...but it was a natural stone, and a wedding gift, so I wanted something really cool.

Then I designed the monogram in Sure Cuts A Lot.

I decided that since there were many colors in the stone that I wanted different colors of vinyl.  I used black for the circle and the corner detail.  I used dark brown for the H and then I layered white and brown for their last name and established year.  The white was too stark since the tile had more of a cream to it, so the brown overlay toned it down a bit.

My hubby decided that it would be a good idea to strengthen up the tile, so he got out his stinky fiberglass resin and applied it to the back.  I picked up an easel stand for it at Target for about $8.00

Then because I'm thrifty I didn't want to spend $5 on a wedding gift bag.  I had a plain white one at home and whipped out the ol' vinyl and Cricut one more time and added the H monogram to the bag.  It turned out really nice and I hope they will cherish it for years to come!

Here it is all wrapped up