Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Pictures Displayed

Since the day I knew we would be doing our family pictures, I have been dreaming...yes, this happens in my dreams) of how to display all our photos.  At first I was going to display them in the stairwell that goes upstairs...but I thought no one would ever see them, except me on my way to do laundry, or go to bed....or do more chores.

After I had a nice dream about it, I decided that the large wall in our living room would be a great place.  I have seen family motto walls all over blog land...and I wanted to do one also.  So, I picked out the words that meant the most to our family, and then started designing them in my Sure Cuts A Lot program.  I had these fonts all designed well before our photo shoot was done.  It took me quite some time as I wanted to fonts to "mean" something.  So, each font was carefully thought over as I searched through my 800 fonts for the perfect one for each word.  It took me a few weeks as I only had time to do a few fonts each day.

I had the 8x10 frames already so I worked with those to create my collage.  I just had to add the large frame in the middle that I picked up for 65% off at Michael's.  I picked up the J from Kohl's clearance for $3ish.

I actually had them up on the wall waiting for the prints...and here is my family motto collage wall.

My next problem areas is the stairwell to the basement.  I have this ledge that covers a jog in the framing...weird builders.  So, I wanted to display some frames there (I had some there before, but they didn't match and I just didn't like it) so I got (4) 5x7 black frames (with coupons) and painted the 8x10 frame in the middle that was once red.  I added the same large frame that is in the living room to create our family established wall.  My hubby thinks that I am crazy for adding all these words to our walls...but I like it, and it isn't permanent and we can change it whenever we like...and it's my there!  LOL

It's really hard to take pictures from the stairs with a wall in the middle of this here are a couple one from each set of stairs.  I think the wood may get painted white some day...but for now.


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