Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sort of back to normal...

My house looked like this a few weeks ago...

 My son checking out how to sit on the the dining room, with a stack of Hickory in front of it.
 My hubby getting ready to tear out that little corner wall...there was only an electrical wire in it???
 My daughter helping roll up the rug and getting ready to move out all the furniture and wood...etc.
 Carpeting, tack strip, debris all gone...vapor barrier down...What a cute helper we have!
 The start of the flooring.
 My husband made these!  Sure you can buy them...but I am so proud to say he made them!

All for the sanding and finishing.  The dog made himself at home...and the little guy was ready to feed him right there too!

The floor is finished and we moved some of our furniture back....some trim installed, too (we painted it white.  Out with the stained trim)  But we have the rest of our wood piled back there for the rest of the main level.  Things have been so out of normal here that I have been just getting by.  We were eating in our laps and walking around piles of stuff and furniture.  It was fun stuff.

Now...on to our kitchen cabinet making...another adventure!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting ready for Hardwood Floors to be Installed

I have been working for the last two weeks around this Pile-O-Hickory that my hubby milled into flooring:

And clearing off this large Bookcase: You can see I still need to clear off a few items...

And finding a way to put all food items from Here somewhere accessible.  We added this pantry because my small kitchen didn't have any kind of food storage.  No doors yet, something that is yet to come.

You see I must clear out all my furniture from my living room, my dining room, and now this has morphed into a larger project and I must remove items from my cabinets.  The hubster is planning on tearing out ALL my cabinets and building me new ones!!!  Which requires tearing out this nasty drop ceiling which makes me feel all small in my kitchen.  Making room for 42" cabinets that I won't be able to reach up to get anything from, but making me feel even shorter than I am, and at 5'8" I am not all that short.  This is my little
 This is my little kitchen with hardly any storage.  We plan to move the fridge over right next to my pantry and then have more counter space on the other side of the fridge.  Both corners will have storage, the one by the dishwasher will have a corner blind pull out and the other will have a Lazy Susan. 

This side won't change much, but we are planning on two pull out drawers on that end cabinet, and a cookie sheet cabinet on the other side next to the Lazy Susan in the corner, then the cabinet on the end will have an awesome spice pull out...that is being designed by the hubby.  I have other ideas for storage options that I am putting in with my hubby designer.  We have limited space in this kitchen so we are trying to make the most out of it.

Tearing out this little wall...there is nothing in there (see the small box with screws in it...yep, we checked a wire is all that is in there.)  This area will become my main level desk (can you see a nice desk with cabinets above it).  I need a space for our personal office (separate our Business from our personal life).

And the hubby has a vision for our fireplace so the brick and mantle will be removed...and some kind of slate/granite or such will take its place.  Then the handy man that he is will build me a gorgeous mantle out of Birch.  We love birch in this house...all our cabinets will be Birch

The lack of posting is because of my mess and I am just exhausted these days trying to work (sub and my UPS job) and getting all the other stuff in life done.  I am succeeding at getting a lot of the processed items out of my house, the cost isn't low, but I know it is important for our health to eat whole foods.  I will have to get some recipes up that we have tried with reviews.  One that was just AWESOME! was Black Bean Sweet Potato Burgers!  They were so yummy I was eating the left overs cold.