Friday, October 1, 2010

Golf Date Night...on the cheap

Last weekend I planned a fun date night for Thomas and I.  We haven't been able to spend much quality time together because our business has been so darn busy and then when he gets home from working all day...I take off and go to my part time job for a few hours.

So, I got to thinking about something my husband would really enjoy...GOLF!  So, I sent him this invitation:

Now, when I gave him this he laughed.  I asked him what was so funny...he just laughed and said, he thought it was awesome!

Then I set up the Hole-In-One fun in the living room.  (Next time I think I will add some obstacles and other holes to putt at.  I used our putter thing that spits the ball back at you.

I used foam balls with golf tees to help the balls stand up (I also had to cut the bottom off to make it sit flat), then I glued each letter that I cut out with my Cricut to a skewer and stuck it into the foam ball.  Then I cut out the felt into putting greens and there is a sand trap there also.

I had some snacks for us before we were going to head out to play putt-putt...

but, we were both tired (I was starting to get a sore throat) and decided to see a movie instead.  We picked out our movie and headed out.  I packed my purse with snacks and made sure I had our movie coupons.  We enjoyed Inception and then came home for some more putt-putt practice.

I now have a tub started with our "future date night" ideas and I plan to add props to it so we can have "cheap date" nights at home.

This cost me about  $4.50 for the props, and then another $5 for his favorite "ginger beer" (he doesn't drink real beer).  The snacks I had at home.  The putt-putt would have only cost $7 because I had a coupon, but instead we saw a movie with coupons and that was $15.  So our date night cost a total of $24.50...a lot cheaper than going out to dinner and a movie!


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