Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bedroom Box Shelves and Chalkboard Pots

Remember these shelves...
The shelves that I worked so hard to fill, and sand, and sand some more... 

Well, they are lacquered, off gassed, (they smell for quite some time after you lacquer) and installed...

 I love them...They give my room a different dimension!  I am still looking for things to decorate them with, but it may take me a while to find what I really want...Goodwill here I come...when are you going to have your 50% off day!  The shelves were a FREE project.  We had the wood from a leftover project and the lacquer was also left over from a previous project...all I had to do was fill, sand, and wait for the dear hubby to lacquer, I just don't do that stinky job...and he is much better at it than I am!

Here is a before picture:

I have been busy making a few things while Jacob naps and Jalynn is in school...among the other thousands of things that go on here.  It keeps me happy, sane, and relaxes me a little.  I also am having fun playing with my new Cricut!  I am in loooove with that thing!

 Teacher Appreciation Day was last week, well it was actually Staff Appreciation Week at my daughter's school, so I make a Trifle for all the staff to enjoy, and then made this for Jalynn's wonderful 2nd grade teacher:

It is a Sweet Basil plant in a clay pot spray painted with Chalkboard paint.  I wrote Thank you on the pot, and attached a seed packet with Seed Instructions on it.  The little instruction sheet came from here and says "Helping to Plant the Seeds of Knowledge"

 One of me closest friends birthday's was on Mother's Day so we made her this:

Another Sweet Basil plant with a tag that I made with my Cricut that says Happy Birthday on it!
 and of course I had to replant my Basil plant into something cute:


All those darn plants wanted to plant crooked.  Oh, well gives them character.

I haven't been shopping much, I am doing a lot of menu planning and trying to really stick to a budget and save the rest that I have left over.  I seem to go through spurts where I stock up on really cheap/free things and then don't need to shop for a long time.  I am planning a shopping trip for this week that will consist of shampoo, conditioner, soap, and deodorant, along with produce and the items needed to complete our menu. 
 I have to share these few pictures with you of my budding artist, and my cute kids with me on Mother's Day, they are the sweetest kids...and rather cute!

 It's a SPIDER!


The Whimsical Princess said...

Good job! I like the shelves much better, they match the size of the wall better. Bust out the cricut baby! I am sure you can come up with something cute to put in those shelves.

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