Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Simple Flower Pot Revamp

Part of my frugal ways are beginning to take shape into how I can reuse item I already have.  Items that are UGLY...but still have use.

I have had these pots for about 11 years now...

I had three of them, but this one was cracked and ended up in the trash...bummer

But the other two...well...I saved them with a little Plastic spray paint...and some help from my new Cricut friend...and this is the outcome.

The spray paint cost me about $4 and my vinyl cost about $1 or so. 

Deal of the Day...$1 Popcorn and Fountain Drink at AMC

I am going to start searching for a Deal of the Day and posting one every day for everyone!  It's my way to get myself to blog every day...a goal of sorts.


AMC Coupon

All you have to do is like AMC on Facebook and you can get your coupon.  If you are planning to see a movie on July 4th...this is a great deal!

Thank you Couponing to Disney!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Get $15/$15 at

Use code: CHFORYOU15 at checkout.  I have been looking around and you can get some great things for a great price with this code.  Shipping is $ we need a free shipping code??? 

I tried to use a free shipping can only do one code per order...bummer!

Thank you Couponing to Disney

Friday, June 18, 2010

My first Vinyl Creation

I used my Sure Cuts A Lot program to make this and then cut it with my Cricut and transferred it to my daughter's door.

She loves it...I love it...and I am itching to do more!  LOL!

Pizza on the Grill

 Our Friday night ritual is to make pizza.  I make the dough and then my hubby helps...his carpentry skills at work on a pizza...he is amazing with the dough.

 A few weeks back I tried out making pizza on the is way too hot to heat up our house with the stove...alternative...the GRILL!

It took 3 pizzas to "get it perfect" but the last on was for my hubby, and he was happy and thought it was YUMMY!

This recipe costs about $2.00 to make...I got the cheese on sale for $1.00

1.Make your dough, you can see my dough recipe HERE
2. Turn your grill on high for 10 minutes (heating both sides)
3. Stretch it out with your hands to a personal size (next time I will make them smaller, they rise quite a bit)
4. Brush both sides with olive oil

5. Reduce heat to Medium, and put your pizza dough only on the grill
6. Grill one side for 3 minutes, you should see grill marks and they should be somewhat rigid

7. Remove them from the grill, and turn off the heat from one side.
8. Put on your toppings

9. Put your pizza on the grill side with the heat off.
10.  Grill for 10-12 minutes or until your cheese looks like this:

This recipe came from Women's Day Magazine...I did have to cook our pizza longer to get the cheese to look like the pizza above, but this was for my wonderful hubby!  The first pizzas cheese was way too shoot for this.
According to Women's Day...the secret it indirect heat while cooking your pizza on the grill!


P.S. Sorry for my lack of posting, summer is our busy time with our business and I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for weeks trying to juggle the business work, the kids, and my sanity...along with playing with airplanes every night.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A few $$ Saving Ideas for your Friday!

Here are a few $$ saving tips:

  • Never throw away something that you can make beautiful again.  Think about the item and what it could be used for somewhere else in your house.
  • A little spray paint can go a long way. Cost under $5
  • Call your service providers and ask for discounts.  I got a 6 month discount a while back from Direct TV for $20 off my monthly bill.  Sometimes there are other plans that will reduce your monthly bill.  
  • Check your bills for errors.  I found that the City was charging me an extra $9 a month for a 3rd trash can that I have NEVER had.  They were charging this to my bill for over a year and a half...dummy me just never thought twice about my trash bill...I called, and they credited my bill for all the extra charges.
  • Check for leaking faucets, toilets, etc.  Those leaks add up.
  • Look for a coupon before you head anywhere.  Most of the time there is one for just about anything you are going to do or buy.  I love my coupons...but they are sure getting neglected lately as I haven't been shopping much.
  • I found out that you can get coupons for Payless Shoes...check out their website before you can get an additional 15% off your total.
  • Put your kids in charge of an electrical device and they make sure that it is turned off daily.  I constantly find lights on or we leave our computer on all night.
  • Get rain checks and use them before they expire.  Sometimes rain checks come out to my advantage.  I can then find a coupon to order and stock up on the item cheap or FREE!  Target will also substitute an item when you have a rain check.  
  • Keep your receipts.  I have had to go back many times to return something...even 1 year later.  Home Depot has a 1 year warranty on plants.  Several of my perennials didn't come back this year, I took them back and got a store credit.  I also had a pair of boots that I wear to work crack open on the rubber waterproof part...I sent them back to the manufacture, and they sent me a new pair.  They were only 4 months old!

50% off at Good will Tomorrow 6/12

I was at the Goodwill today and asked when the next 50% off would be...and it is tomorrow along with .99 cent jeans.

This is the Goodwill in Thornton between Washington and Grant.  They open at 8 am.

Have a great Friday!