Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Flipz, Free Mission Tortilla Chips, and Free Tobasco Sauce

Albertson's is double, triple, quadrupling coupons this week!

Tobasco Sauce $1
Use: $.50/1 SS4/25

Use: $.50/1 SS3/28

Mission Tortilla Chips $.99
Use: $.75-1 HERE


Great Deals! 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off Clip on Bug Repellent

Great Deal on Off Clip on Bug Repellent

If you don't like to spray on bug spray...these are perfect for it.  My mom used them last year and they worked really well.  When I want to go out to my garden at night and not get eaten alive I plan on using these.

I picked up 2 today at is the deal:

Buy two for $7.99 each
Use one Buy one get on Free coupon
Use one  $2 off coupon
Use two Target coupons
Your total will be $.99 each, or $1.99 plus tax!

I think I may go get two more before the sale ends Saturday!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Great projects...low price!

This weekend my wonderful hubby wanted to spend some time with me!  So, while Jalynn was with Grandma, Jacob, Thomas, and I went down to Lumber Liquidators to pick up some flooring for our office.  Now, with running our business out of our house we need to have our office as efficient as possible.  We had those crummy plastic mats to roll our chairs on...on top of the carpet.  We couldn't roll our chairs to the printer, I couldn't file efficiently...and Thomas was just plain tired of stubbing his toes on the curled up plastic mat.

So, here is the end result of our flooring that we purchased for $.49 per foot!  Great deal for what we needed to accomplish...and the area is brighter!

Then I spent hours...many many hours sanding these (thanks mom for helping me):

We will be painting these black and hanging them here:

I will be hanging them horizontal.  I NEEDED something different in our bedroom.  These cost us $0 as the wood was recycled from a previous project.

Then I spent some more time sanding shelves for these cabinets:

and a shelf for my pantry and shelving for a cabinet that will go in my bathroom above the toilet for towel/toilet paper storage.

All I have to wait for a lacquer...and I do not do that!  LOL!  That is what Thomas is good at!

My projects cost us under $60 with the flooring and all!  I love doing projects that cost hardly anything but make your house more like a home!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

FREE McDonald's Fries on Fridays!

Head to McDonald's on Fridays and get a FREE fry with any purchase (like from the $1 menu)

This is for April only.  So you have two Fridays to get some FREE fries!

FREE Fries Fridays

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coupon Organization Take 2

I am forever changing my coupon system.  I realized quickly that when I get extra newspapers each week that I just couldn't fit them into my binder.  Rather than get a new binder and expand it, I changed my system.  I also didn't like all the time it took to clip coupons.  I would sit for hours clipping and putting them away only to use 1/2 of what I clipped.  Now, I only clip what I use, yet keep all my inserts.

I went from a portable/expandable file holder to a file drawer.  I just add folders each week with a tab and add the date.  Put my insert in and I am DONE!

A close up of a few of the tabs that I have.  These are right next to my computer and I can look up where my coupons are at in any online coupon database.  I use or the one at 

I look up the coupons that I want for sale match ups and then clip them to my list and head out shopping.  Shopping doesn't take as much time because I don't look for coupons anymore, I just follow my list and get out of there.  No more extra spending because there is a deal on something.  I love this system, and I am sure that I will need to change it again and again to keep up with all the inserts that I accumuluate.

I still keep my binder for all those loose coupons that I collect, print, etc.  That way I don't have floating coupons.

My son, who makes me laugh...and Gardening!

Trying to remember all the cute things your kids say is almost impossible.  I need to make sure and blog about them so I have these memories forever!

Yesterday my Jacob and I were getting back in the car at the grocery store.  While I was strapping him into his carseat I said, "mommy's tummy hurts"  His response was, "well, mommy, you have c-r-a-p in your mouth!"  Very serious this little boy is.  Hum...wonder what that has to do with my tummy???  I calmly shut the door walked to the back of the car and bust up laughing.

While we were at one grocery of several, I told Jacob he needed to sit down in the cart until mommy was done shopping.  He was very good, sat the entire time.  I was in the last aisle and said, this is our last stop, and then we will be done shopping.  His response, "I want to walk now...I AM DONE SITTING!"  The logic of a three year old...well, at least he announced it and didn't just stand up in the cart!

What do you say to your child when he brings you his "pants" and says, "LOOK MOM, my LEGS got SHORTER!"  I took one look at his "pants" and laughed.  I said, "Jacob, those are SHORTS"  He said, "Ohhhhh"  with a very quizzical look on his face.  He makes me laugh on a daily basis!

How can one resist those eyelashes?

On to gardening.  One way I save a lot of money on produce is to grow my own.  Last year was my first year at growing a garden at this house.  I had one several years back at our old house...before children.  We had to replace our fence and dig out a ton of rock and soil to get level ground.  Then we built a small retaining wall...that still needs to be finished, and my wonderful hubby built me my raised beds.  I painted the outside of the boards, added the mixture of dirt and divided it into square feet.  I followed The Square Foot Garden.  I was conservative about what I planted last year as I didn't want to go way overboard.  But, I am planting more this year and adding more beds...after we replace our old crooked fence behind where my other beds are going.  

Here is bed #1.  I have a trellis netting behind it that my tomatoes climbed up last year!  Worked wonderful!

Here is bed #2.  My son was so kind as to throw rocks into it.  I plan to add a trellis net to the back of this one...after the fence is replaced and grow peas and beans.  

Here is where bed #3 will be going, and then I will add raspberry bushes in the corner.  As you can see this is where the kids toys end up.  An there is the lovely fence that needs to be replaced.  

I plan to add a small strawberry bed between this bed and the fence post where the gate begins.  All those stones need to be put in their rightful place.  We have a lot of work to be plan is to have this all ready by planting time mid May.

Do you have a garden?  What do you plant?  What grows well for you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One reason to love Spring

My Orchids are blooming.  Now, if I can get the other two to bloom.  They take FOREVER to bloom again.

I love them, they are so pretty to look at!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Home Depot Coupons!

Sign up for the
Home Depot Garden ClubHome Depot Garden Club

they are sending out coupons for:
Buy one get one FREE trees
$4 off ready to spray Weed B Gone Concentrate

I just signed I will let you know what they send me.

No Kids...Saturday morning, and what do I do?

I end up waking up early...hubby is still asleep.  It's just me and the dog...and that dog went back to sleep after getting a full tummy and a little time outside.  How fair is THAT?  But, I can hear the birds chirping, see the sun shining, it looks like a beautiful day ahead!

I haven't been doing much in the way of shopping these days.  Trying to stat OUT of the store and NOT spend $...but there are some deals to be had if you want to shop!  I wasn't all that impressed with this weeks sale ads either.  I may just wait for next weeks ads to shop.

A friend of mine informed me that you can pick up Quaker True Delight squares for $1.12ish.  There are $1 off peelies on the boxes!  She let me try them...let me tell you they are fabulous...and only 110 calories.  Just don't eat more than one.

Has anyone found the Snuggle on clearance here?  I have been meaning to check.  I know Target carries it for $3.99 at their regular price, so you can pick it up with your $3.00/1 coupons for $.99.  But, FREE would be even better.  Let us know if you find it.

Looks like next week Target will have their Seventh Generation products on sale.  Print some great coupons here
Seventh Generation Dish Soap 25oz $2.49
SEventh Generation 100oz Laundry Detergent - $12.99

Have a great weekend!  I hope to work in my garden this weekend and get it all ready for planting.  I do have lettuce coming up and want to plant some more!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Pampers/Target Pull Up Coupons...Giveaway

I have two $2.00 off any one Pampers Easy Up Trainers (exp. 8/31/10) and $1 off 19-40 Count Target Up&Up Training Pants (exp. 5/1/10) to give away.

They will be mailed to the first person who responds.  My son it 100% potty trained...Day and NIGHT!  I am so proud of him!  We went straight to big boy underwear out of diapers and had about 9 accidents the first day.  The second day he was really getting it, only 1 accident.  After that we were all done.  He uses the potty all the time!

So, I really don't need these coupons!

Oh, and I also have some Diego pulls ups to go along with these coupons!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Upload your Cellfire Coupons will be reloading their coupons tomorrow.  Load all the coupons so you can have several saved to your card. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Target Trial Size List

,Thank you justamotherof4 on for this new Target Trial Size list:

These may be different here as this was compiled in another post a comment if you see anything different while checking out the Trial section:

Febreeze to go 2.0 oz =2.69
Tums 12ct. =1.52
J&J baby shampoo =.97
Print Coupon

J&J baby Lotion=.97
J&J body wash 2oz = .97
J&J body care (meltaway stress) 2oz = .97

Tylenol 6ct = .97
One a day vitamins 10ct =1.99
visine .28fl.oz. = 1.99
Pampers bibsters 4ct. = 1.29
Wet Ones 15 wipes =.97
Clorox wipes 9ct. = .97
Cottonelle fresh wipes 10ct. = .99
Up & Up moist travel towelettes 25ct. = .99
Kleenex 3pack travel = .99
Up & Up disen. spray = 1.50
Up & Up hand sanitizer 2oz = 1.02
dial Hand santizer 1oz. = .99
Banana Boat sunscreen 1oz = .97
Coppertone Sport 1oz= .97
Playtex sport pack (trial & travel purse) = 2.54
Suave (advanced therapy lotion) 3oz = .97
KY Jelly .5oz = .92
Delights Body Spray 2oz = .99
Satincare gelshave 2.5 oz = .99
Skintamate 2.75 oz = 1.47
Caress daily silk 3.15oz = .99
Olay travel body bar 3.5 oz = .97
Gold bond healing lotion 1oz = .99
Gold bond powder 1oz = .97
St. Ives oatmeal/shea butter 3oz = .99
St. Ives apricot scrub 1oz = .97
Secret clinical travel size= 2.59
Secret .5 oz = .97
Secret Sheer .5 oz = .97
Dove "cool" deod. .5oz = .97
Dove Powder deod. .5oz = .97
Degree doed. .05oz = .97
Dove deep moisture body wash 1.7oz = .97
Dove body wash 1.8 oz = .97
Head & Shoulders 1.7oz=.97
Pantene 1.7 oz = .97
Garn. Fructis shampoo 1.7 oz= .97
Garn. Fructis Conditioner 1.7 oz = .97
Treseme clean hold gel 2.0 oz = 1.49
Treseme hair spray 1.5 oz= 1.47
Treseme pump superhold hair spray 2 oz = .97
Suave kids 2in1 2oz = 1.19
Edge Shave gel 2.75 oz = 1.45
Gillette foamy 2oz = .97
Gillette coolwave 2.5oz =.97
axe shower gel 1.6oz = .97
Old spice body wash 1.7 oz = .97
Dial Bar soap 2pk = 1.00
Huggies 6ct travel wipes = 1.99
Dove travel cleaning cloths 5ct = .97
Oxy Clean Pads 3ct =1.00
Ponds Towelettes 5ct. = .97
Vaseline Cherry lip balm = 1.02
Vaseline in small jar 3.75oz= 1.47
Carmex 2go .35oz = (couldn't find $)
chapstick .15oz = .97
q-tip brand 30ct. travel = .97
Clean & Clear burst scrub 1oz = .97

Hello kitty bandaids 10ct = .97
Bandaid travel 8ct = .97 -$1 off Band-Aids RP 1/3

Downey wrinkle release 3 oz = 1.97
Static Guard 1.4 oz = 1.99
All 2oz stain lifter = 1.02 -$1 off All Detergent -$2 off All Small & Mighty RP 12/, 1/3

Printable: allĂ‚® Laundry Detergent

Tide Travel deterg. 1.6 oz = .99 -$1 off Tide PG 12/27
Tide 1ct. stain pen = 2.94
Shout 4 pk. travel size = .97
Up & Up lint roller 30sheet = 1.00

Check Target for Snuggle Fabric Sheets

I just read that some Targets have them on clearance for $2.96 and use your $3/1 coupon from the 3/28 RP and make a few cents on each one.

The other coupon I am going to make sure and use is the $1 off any Tide coupon.  I pick up the sample Tide for $1 and get them FREE.  These are in the 4/4 PG and the 3/7 PG.  I ordered 40 coupons.  That means 80 loads of laundry with FREE detergent!

With Easter the sales seem to be slow this week.  I hope that it changes next week!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I've been MIA

I haven't had a chance to catch up on much lately as I have been potty training my youngest.  He is 3 and well...changing his diapers is pretty nasty.  I had basically had it with him telling me..."mommy, I pooped" and I would need to change his nastiness.

So, I started a three day potty training on Friday.  We had like 9 accidents...and several loads of laundry and other cleaning.  Day two was great!  I didn't have any accidents while he was with me, but daddy encountered one big mess when I was away at book club. 

Day accidents.  We have had a few here and there where he didn't quite make it to the when I scared the pee out of him when we had to call the fire department because of a burning car behind our house. 

He is getting there quickly.  I keep him in big boy underwear all the time, naps and bedtime included. 

This should help my grocery budget, no diapers!!! YEAH!  I have a stock pile of flushable wipes from the FREE deal a while back at Target.  I am hoping that will last me a long while!

I hope to post some great deals this week...although, my mail lady didn't bring me my ads today.

If you haven't hit up Sprouts for the strawberries yet...go tomorrow.  Grapes are also $.97 lb.  I am planning on going tomorrow to pick up my produce for the week.

Oh...I also put myself back on my diet to loose the bit I had gained and the 10lbs. I hadn't lost yet.  I started last Sunday.  I have lost 8.5 lbs and have 9.5 left to go!  I hope to be done in the next 3 weeks and then be on a stabilization plan!  So, I am looking for healthy food deals!!!

Upcoming Catalina Deal at Kings!


This deal lasts a long time so when it combines with coupons and a sale it should make out to be FREE or better than FREE!

Save $4 wyb any 4 General Mills Products in a single shopping transaction.

The items shown are Fruit by the Foot
Nature Valley Nut Clusters
Fruit Roll Ups
Nature Valley Granola Bars
Fiber One Bars
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks,
Chex Mix Bars
Milk n' Cereal Bars
Sunkist Fruit Snacks

Be on the look out for any coupons that match up and save them!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

$15 Entertainment Book

If you haven't already bought is a great deal on the Entertainment Book!  Save on hundreds of restaurants, movies, skiing, etc.

FREE Shipping also!
$15 Entertainment Book$15 Entertainment Book

City of Thornton Easter Egg Scramble!

This is a FREE event to residents of Thornton!

Easter Egg Scramble 
4/3/2010 10:00 AM 
Community Park (York & Thornton Parkway) 

4/3/2010 - Easter Egg Scramble
A 3 Minute Egg-Stravaganza.
Scramble starts proptly at 10 a.m. Plan to arrive early since parking is limited. There is no rain date for this event. 4 Age groups: Walking – 2, 3 – 4, 5 – 6, 7 -8

Mr. & Mrs. Bunny will be walking around starting at 9:30 a.m.
Bring your baskets to collect all the goodies.
Sponsored by City of Thornton and The Goddard School for Early Childhood Development
For more information...
Shelly Shipley 
We enjoy this event every year.  The kids get a few goodies and get to see the Easter Bunny!  They have even won a few cool prizes.  It really doesn't take much time to complete, but it super fun for the kids.  Then we head home to dye our Easter Eggs! 

50% off at Goodwill this Saturday 4/3

Stores open at 8am.  I found some really great Eddie Bower pants there for $5, I would have liked to pay half...but they were tall, and I knew I wouldn't find them again.  I also found some cute little capri's for my daughter...and a dress.  I do need to alter things a bit, but my finds are much cheaper than buying brand new.

I will be heading there on Saturday morning...before the cities Egg Hunt Extravaganza!  I hope to find some shorts for my daughter as she will NOT be allowed to wear her shorts from last year...this mom won't allow her out with daisy dukes on!  LOL!

Speak of the oldest princess...she is home now!  Hope you score some great finds this weekend!