Monday, December 14, 2009

Albertsons and Kings Soopers 12/14

I forgot my pictures once again.

But, this is what I did at Albertson's

I did 3 seperate transactions because if you purchase 4 Betty Crocker items you get a FREE butter, only one per transaction.

I bought:
(4) BC cookie mixes used (4) $.40 MFQ which tripled to $1.00 each ($.50 each)
FREE 1lb of butter
(2) Dole 1/2 Gallon Juices $2.50 each: used (2) $.25 MFQ which quad. to $1.00 each ($1.50 each)
(10) Lean Cuisine Meals I used (3) $1/3 coupon.  Then I had another $1.00 off 1 MFQ ($16 for all 10)
Total for transaction #1 $21.97
Savings $34.13

Transaction #2
(3) BC Cookie Mixes
(1) Warm Delight
All coupons were $1.00 in value
Paid $2.12
Savings: $8.77

Transaction #3
(2) BC Warm Delights
(2) BC Cake Frosting
All 4 coupons were $1.00 in value
Paid: $2.25
Savings: $10.35

Total of all Transactions: $26.34
Total Saved: $53.25

I had to get a rain check for the All Laundry detergent.  It is on sale for $2.99 and there is a $2.00 MFQ in last weeks Sunday paper.

King Soopers:
I didn't see much in great deals this week at King Soopers...but I wanted to get the Challenge butter that is on sale for $1.99
I had (5) coupons.  One an IP from Challenge Butter and the others were blinkie coupons (the little machines attached to the shelves that spit out coupons) I picked up a couple from Albertson's that doubled to $1.00, but the ones I picked up at King Soopers would only allow the value of the coupon and not =$1.00
So, I bought 5lbs of butter and used all coupons
I bought (2) packages of Tree Top Apple sauce Paid $4.00 for them.  (not the best deal, but my kids requested it)
(1) Ivory 3 bar soap, for my homemade laundry soap. $1.00
Total: $11.01
Savings: $19.37


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