Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Target Trip this week! 12/6

I can't believe the deals that I got at Target this week!  I walked out paying $6.71 for a toy that is originally $74.99!  All thanks to the ladies at!  They found the idea...I just had to fight for it.

The toy is this: Fisher Price Trio Castle Set

I decided to give this a try for a gift for Christmas for my kids.
The toy is on sale at Kmart this week for $29.99 (you need to bring the entire ad with you)
Target has a $10.00 coupon here: Trio $10 Target Coupon
The toy has a manufacture peelie on it itself.  Remove it when you put it in your cart to use along with the Target coupon.
-$10.00 TQ
-$10.00 MFQ
Total before tax $9.99
I paid with a $5.00 Target gift card that I just got from a deal that I will explain below.
So, my OOP was $6.71 with tax for a toy that is originally $74.99!!!!
Then I paid with the cash that I got back from two rebates.  One for the glade items, this deal paid me $10.00 above what I originally paid, and one from Sargento for trying out their Salad my real total OOP was NOTHING!!!

My kids are going to LOVE this toy and I LOVE this price!  LOL, can't beat a deal like I need to find another great deal like this!

I didn't take pictures as I got home from the store late and we needed to get dinner on the table so both Thomas and I could head to work...but here are some more GREAT Target deals.

Hershey's Kisses:
Buy 4=$10.00
Use MFQ Buy 3 get 1 Free
Use (2) $1.00 off 2 MFQ
Use (4) .50 off one Target coupons
Here is how it works out:
$10.00 for 4 bags
-$2.50 for the free bag
-$2.00 (4) of the .50 TQ
Total $3.50 or $.87 each

Motts Apple Juice $1.89
Use $1.00 TQ
Total: $.89 each

Wheatables Crackers $1.99
Use $1.50 MFQ Here
Total: $.49

Oscar Meyer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat
Use $1.00 TQ
Total $1.79

FREE Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Pouches
$.97 for the regular or $1.02 for the Dark Chocolate
Use $1.00 TQ
Use $.50/2 MFQ
Total FREE or $.02 or -$.50 off 2

Krusteaz Cookie Mixes
Use (2) $1.00 off 1 MFQ
Total: $1.00 for 2 mixes or $.50 each

Boston Market Frozen entrees
Use $1.00 off 1
$1.10 each Target Grocery Coupons

Keebler Snack $5.00 gift card deal (this is what I used to pay for the above toy)
Buy 5 get a $5.00 gift card
I used (2) $1.50 off 2 coupons
(1) $1.00 off 3 coupon
Total OOP $6.00 then I got the $5.00 gift card

 The $1.50 coupon I printed a while back and didn't get a chance to use it, so it is no longer available
The $1.00 off 3 coupon is on the Target link above.
There are several items that you can mix and match on this deal, crackers and cookies.

Command Hooks ( I used these to hang Christmas decor)
The price varies, but I picked up the two pack for $2.94
Use $1.00 TQ
Use $1.00 MFQ Here (this is a can print as many as you think you will use)
Total $.94 and up depending on what you buy.
I did pick up a couple of decorative ones for $4.94 then used coupons

Cucumbers are on Price cut for $.50
Green Peppers are on Price cut for $.50
Dole Salad blends are on PC for $2.49 then use the $1.00 TQ on the above link
Gala Apples are on PC for $.59 lb.

I also picked up a keyboard for my computer (mine pooped out) and used the 15% off coupon on the Target site.
I also bought a Blue Ray Movie for a gift and used the $5.00 off Blue Ray Target coupon on the same site.  You can get Blue Rays for as low as $5.00 with the coupon.  Not a bad deal.

Oh, and for you vegetarians there is a $2.00/2 Target coupon on, use the above link.

If you become my follower I will send you a coupon secret that I learned this week...just click on the follow link on the right.

My total this week at Target was $72.63
My grocery total was $35.68


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