Friday, June 11, 2010

A few $$ Saving Ideas for your Friday!

Here are a few $$ saving tips:

  • Never throw away something that you can make beautiful again.  Think about the item and what it could be used for somewhere else in your house.
  • A little spray paint can go a long way. Cost under $5
  • Call your service providers and ask for discounts.  I got a 6 month discount a while back from Direct TV for $20 off my monthly bill.  Sometimes there are other plans that will reduce your monthly bill.  
  • Check your bills for errors.  I found that the City was charging me an extra $9 a month for a 3rd trash can that I have NEVER had.  They were charging this to my bill for over a year and a half...dummy me just never thought twice about my trash bill...I called, and they credited my bill for all the extra charges.
  • Check for leaking faucets, toilets, etc.  Those leaks add up.
  • Look for a coupon before you head anywhere.  Most of the time there is one for just about anything you are going to do or buy.  I love my coupons...but they are sure getting neglected lately as I haven't been shopping much.
  • I found out that you can get coupons for Payless Shoes...check out their website before you can get an additional 15% off your total.
  • Put your kids in charge of an electrical device and they make sure that it is turned off daily.  I constantly find lights on or we leave our computer on all night.
  • Get rain checks and use them before they expire.  Sometimes rain checks come out to my advantage.  I can then find a coupon to order and stock up on the item cheap or FREE!  Target will also substitute an item when you have a rain check.  
  • Keep your receipts.  I have had to go back many times to return something...even 1 year later.  Home Depot has a 1 year warranty on plants.  Several of my perennials didn't come back this year, I took them back and got a store credit.  I also had a pair of boots that I wear to work crack open on the rubber waterproof part...I sent them back to the manufacture, and they sent me a new pair.  They were only 4 months old!


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