Friday, December 31, 2010

Ahhh, it's New Year's Eve...ALREADY!

Where has 2010 gone???  I know everyone says "time flies" but I sure seem to notice it more so now that my kids are both in school!

I have been thinking about the New Year and what changes I want to make, and I have taken this week to start getting those things prepared.  Most people make resolutions that don't last...I am going to make a few each month instead of a list at the beginning of the year that overwhelms me!  I don't want anything to feel like a "chore" otherwise I won't do it at all!

January's List is this...and may change! :)
1.  Loose the extra weight that I am still hanging on to (Eat healthier and get more Exercise)
  • I should be able to conquer this goal in a couple of months.  I don't have much to loose!
2.  Get our financial life MORE organized!
  • I have savings account that I have neglected, and I plan to use it!
    • I set up 10 savings accounts yesterday (things like: Vacation, Auto Repair, Auto Replacement, Auto Registration, Vision expense, and of course our emergency fund that I call our RICH FUND)
    • Set up a separate savings account for our business!  (This should help me to keep our $ straight and not have it all lumped together!)
    • I am also faithfully taking a % from every check and dividing that up into emergency, taxes, liability insurance, and Retirement)  I plan to raise the % every month!  (We can't do a set amount being self-employed)  (Did you know you should be saving 40% of your income every month?)
    • I'm going to try to split my check up into 2 different accounts so that a portion of my little check automatically goes into savings each week!
    • Get tax stuff prepared and turned into our accountant by the first part of February!
3.  Spend more time with my kids!  I'm putting time on my schedule each day to spend some time doing something each kid wants with me each day!

4.  Organize and declutter one area each week!

That should do it for January!


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