Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm Back...and a great deal!

After being out of town for the weekend and getting the stomach flu, I am back.  That stomach bug what ever it was seems to still want to hang on to me.  I am TIRED of it already.

A friend of mine informed me of a great deal!   Here is what she e-mailed me:

"I just learned from a friend that you can get free passes to the Butterfly Pavilion, Wildlife Experience, Dinosaur Ridge and a few other not so good places by requesting them from the Jeffco. Library Site. If you go to the Jeffco. Library site and go under Library & Community Info and then under Comm. Info and then select Culture Passes they have the different places where you can get free tickets to. It looks like you can only get them about a week out!
I found the place to request passes  Here

It looks like there are only so many available for each day.  So, if you plan ahead, you can get yourself free passes.  What a great way to get the kids out for some educational experience...and easy on the pocket book!

EDITED: If you click at the top you can change how many days out you want to look for next 30 days and you can get a pass on April 7th.

I will be posting some deals later today.  I must catch up and it is happening very slowly with my stomach still giving me troubles.


The Whimsical Princess said...

Well that is cool! I wanted to go to dinosaur ridge.

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