Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling Ripped Off

I am feeling a bit ripped off today.  I just don't understand how our electric bill can go up so much from last year???  A friend of mine was feeling the same way the other day...

Last year we used 830 kilowatt hours and this year we used how can it be that much higher with an average daily temperature only 1 degree higher than last year???

We have switched our electronics to a power we don't have phantom electric usage.  I know there are the two fridges, the washer/ leaving their lights on and we are using fans a lot, but we use them a lot last year.  My husband hasn't really worked here to use electricity like some summers.  What is causing our high usage???

I am thinking more and more that we need to bite it and blow in insulation into our attic.  My hubby isn't looking forward to that as we have vaulted ceilings and he will have to crawl in...but is that one of the solutions?  Our windows are fairly new, but we could use some better energy efficient doors.  I just can't see how it can be higher if we really aren't doing much different from last year???

What do you do to keep your electric costs down?


The Whimsical Princess said...

SO many of us feel the same way!!! Excel is a monopoly, we are stuck what are you going to do? There is no competion so they can charge us what ever the heck they feel like. STINKY!!! I think it is a bunch of you know what that they base the average family based on one person ummm how the heck is that a family?

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