Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting Organized, and Pictures of my Coupon Binder

The KEY to couponing, or at least that I have found, is staying organized.  If I have my coupons everywhere then I have a difficult time getting my lists together.  I have made this one thing that I try to have completed by the time I get my weekly ads.  I get the grocery inserts in my mailbox in Tuesday.  So, I try to keep up each week.  Then when I get my ads I can carefully find the best deals with my coupons in their correct place.

Now, there are many ways to organize your coupons.  You need to find what works for you.  I like to take my coupons with me.  However, I don't always take them.  It depends on the amount of time I have and if I think I may need them.  I try to get my lists together  and only take the coupons and my list into the store with me. 

I have created a binder that has a strap for carrying to house my coupons.  I bought this binder on clearance at target for about $10.  Then I utilized my coupon at Office Max to pick up Trading Card holders and dividers.  I created dividers for each category.  Then I added my trading card holders.  I was then ready to add my coupons.  I can open to each category and see at a glance if I have a coupon or not.  The most time consuming part is clipping and putting them away.  Pop in a move and clip away.  I also tend to have several inserts each week, so I match them up and clip them all at the same time. 

I get the Sunday paper and my mom gives me her coupons that she doesn't use. (The paper for a year cost me $24.00, I saved this on my first shopping trip).  Then if it is a great week I will go buy 2-3 more newspapers for the coupons.  Then I clip and put away.  The first thing you need to do is start getting coupons.  I also get them from printing online.  More information on that later.

Assingment #1:  Start collecting coupons.

Assignment #2: Organize your coupons

This is my binder.  It has two sections.  One has food items, and the other has toiletry, batteries, etc.  I also keep my ads in it, along with a calculator, paper, scissors, and a pen.  I don't have all my supplies in it at the moment, as I am working on a couple of ads.  This is just one of many ways to organize your coupons.

Get started so you can start saving!


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