Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Walgreens Deals Week of 10/25 to 10/31

For those of you that don't know about Walgreens Register Reward Deals, now is the time to figure them out.  This is the way that I get items for FREE and PROFIT!

This week the main Register Reward (RR) Deals are:

Robitussin To Go 2 ct. Single Packs
Get $2.50 Register Reward

ChapStick Fresh Effects
Get $3.00 Register Reward (the add says $2.99 Register Reward...but they don't print the .99, they round up)
FREE after RR

Dulcolax balance
Get $4.00 RR
Less Coupon on the Pack $3.00
FREE after RR

10 Ct. Fiber Choice or Beano
Get $2.50 Register Reward
$1.00 off coupon here: 
It looks like you need to register your information to get the coupon.
= $1.00 Profit after RR

Super Poligrip Denture Adhesive
Get $2.00 RR
Free After RR

Now, this week isn't all that exciting.  Unless you are toothless and have gas.  LOL.  But, maybe you know someone who is and can pass along these items. 

You can roll these register rewards back and forth.  For example, I will go purchase the Robitussin to go product, pay for the item.  Then use that Register Reward to buy the Beano.  Then I can go back and buy the Robitussin with that RR.  You can't use the register reward to purchase the same item and get another RR to print.

Suave Hair Care/Deodarant or Rave Hairspray
Get $2.00 RR
Use (3) $.75 off MFQ (manufacture coupon)
=.75 for three deodarant or $.25 each
This is where you can use another Register Reward to pay for these items.  Just make sure that you have enough items per coupon.  If you don't have enough items.  Pick up the holiday pencils or a candy bar to cover the amount of coupons.  So, if you have 4 items, and 5 coupons.  You need a filler item for the 5th coupon.  I usually pick up pudding, a pencil, or something really cheap.

Colgate Dental Care
Get $1.00 RR
Use $1.00 Colgate coupon from Sunday 10/25 inserts
$.99 after RR

Minis, Fun or Snack Size Candy
Nestle or Mars
Buy 1 at $5.99 get on for 50% off
So, 2/$8.98
use two Nestle $2.00 off MFQ from here:

Those are the steaming deals that I see.  So, I will post what I pick up later in the week.


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