Monday, April 26, 2010

Great projects...low price!

This weekend my wonderful hubby wanted to spend some time with me!  So, while Jalynn was with Grandma, Jacob, Thomas, and I went down to Lumber Liquidators to pick up some flooring for our office.  Now, with running our business out of our house we need to have our office as efficient as possible.  We had those crummy plastic mats to roll our chairs on...on top of the carpet.  We couldn't roll our chairs to the printer, I couldn't file efficiently...and Thomas was just plain tired of stubbing his toes on the curled up plastic mat.

So, here is the end result of our flooring that we purchased for $.49 per foot!  Great deal for what we needed to accomplish...and the area is brighter!

Then I spent hours...many many hours sanding these (thanks mom for helping me):

We will be painting these black and hanging them here:

I will be hanging them horizontal.  I NEEDED something different in our bedroom.  These cost us $0 as the wood was recycled from a previous project.

Then I spent some more time sanding shelves for these cabinets:

and a shelf for my pantry and shelving for a cabinet that will go in my bathroom above the toilet for towel/toilet paper storage.

All I have to wait for a lacquer...and I do not do that!  LOL!  That is what Thomas is good at!

My projects cost us under $60 with the flooring and all!  I love doing projects that cost hardly anything but make your house more like a home!


The Whimsical Princess said...

Looks great! .49 cents a foot is crazy cheap I may have to go check it out! We want to redo the whole first floor in hardwood. Can't wait to see the shelves in action they are going to be great!

PS. I can fix your signature for you so it doesn't have the white box unless of course you were going for that look. Just let me know!

Bridget said...

We loved the price. If they had another great deal going for other flooring we would have bought some for the main level. But, we will keep looking on Craigslist for that.

Yes, I need to fix that on my signature...I just haven't figured that

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