Sunday, November 28, 2010

Catching up with life is hard sometimes

We have had strep, croup, pink eye, and sinus infections in our house in the past month.  It seems like we just can't get rid of illnesses.  Hoping this is it for our family for the entire winter season...heck, we haven't even hit winter yet.

The hardest part about not being able to catch up is pulling an all nighter shopping with a great friend.  Had a blast, lots of laughs, and got a lot of my shopping completed!  I feel pretty good about being done with shopping in the next week...crossing my fingers I can find some deals this week and finish up. 

I already got my Christmas present...I am typing on my new laptop!  :)  Been waiting for a deal for about a year.  Hubby is happy with his streaming device and I love my laptop!  So much for Christmas surprises...but, I am okay with it, the kids are what make Christmas fun anyway.

Now I must wrap all the presents...but first I must make sure I have everything written down in my Christmas notebook. 

Let's hope for some great deals while I try to catch up with my life.

I believe there is a deal on The Sorcerer's Apprentice and Fantasia.  As soon as I verify that I am correct I will post.  I think you can get both movies for $17.97ish with coupons.


The Whimsical Princess said...

Ewwww I don't even think I want to be on your blog. What if I catch something? You have serious cooties going on!

I saw you can get free batteries at Office Depot.

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