Friday, March 4, 2011

March GOALS!

For the past week I have been sick with some nasty virus that causes a cough, stuffy/runny nose, fever on and off, and just feeling down right yucky!  I took two nights off of my 1 hour job (that is how bad I felt).  I am finally feeling a little better but the time resting got me thinking and plotting :)

Here are my March goals:
Prepare for my run (I signed up for the Colfax Marathon May 15th, which I am doing a relay with some people I work with)  So, I have been running 3 x's a week with some great people.  This week...I had to take off. 
Track my eating on my blog...this should hopefully keep me accountable!

My other goal is HUGE!  I am extremely excited for it!  I want to get my family to take a VACATION!  We haven't had a REAL vacation in...well, over 8 years.  Since our 1st was born we have sacrificed on one income so I could stay home with them.  We don't do anything our budget can't handle.  Since we are so frugal our vacations have consisted of 3-4 days with family in timeshares in the mountains...over a long weekend so my hubby doesn't miss work. 

So, I talked to my hubby who is very skeptical and said that we would talk when we have $10,000 in the bank along with the $ that is required to take a vacation... (this is the downer...yet, it is also the challenge for me!)  I am actually proud of my hubby for making that goal!  We have seen so many ups and downs in the last 8 years and many lessons learned.  I'm glad he is keeping me on track.

Being that this is our slow/hard time of year it will be a challenge.  So, I am looking for extra $ to stash...that is where my posts will keep me in line!

My first deposit was $55.91 from our change that we have collected.
My next deposit will be from my vacation check that I will get in a few weeks.

Then, I need to be FRUGAL!!!

  • I need ideas for inexpensive/free entertainment or dates. 
  • Grocery shopping will have to be planned carefully.
  • Clothing will be also something we have to shop clearance/Goodwill for.
  • Home improvements...well that will also have to be planned carefully (working on that as we have the wood for our cabinets that I bought a year ago with my extra grocery $)
  • New car...well that is possibly in the works also.
All the above things will get in my savings way...I will need help to stay on track!

Our vacation I am going to start planning will be to Disney World!!!  I am so darn excited!  So, how long will this take me???


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