Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My baby is now in Preschool

I haven't had time to get on here and do any posting...busy time of year with our business and trying to get things organized for the kids and school stuff in now in full swing.  My daughter has her first book report coming up.  She wants to make a poster for her project and wants my help cutting out things with my Cricut...should be fun!

My son started his first day of preschool today!  Yes, I cried a tad but am free to get my chores done among the other items on my to do list...

He was super excited until he heard a screaming child and thought this may not be so much fun after all.  But, in Jacob fashion he gave me a big hug, looked at me with a tear in his eye and darn cute is he!

I miss him and his antics as I sit here and wipe a tear away from my eye...but my baby is such a sweet boy and is growing up right before my eyes!  I know that the 3 years we had together will never be forgotten as I loved every minute of him being with me all day!  It's only 2.5 hours...I can do this!


The Whimsical Princess said...

I forgot today was his first day! You can do it and he will come home so excited to see you. I know it is hard to watch them grow.

Bridget said...

He had a great day! No tears from him. He loved all the new friends he made and loves his teacher...and of course the slide that he went down a million times.

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