Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Weekly Plan...and our Menu!

I am cooking more healthy for my family for several reasons.  I LOVE Body For Life Recipes and I am following the diet and exercise plan.  I feel so much better, have a ton of energy, my brain is clear...and the best part is that my house has been clean, kids have fun activities to do, and I feel so much more relaxed!

Here is my weekly plan: I follow Fly Lady (check her out...she is AWESOME
Monday: Weekly Blessing (1 Hour of Cleaning)
Tuesday: Plan Day (I also water my plants this day)
Wednesday: Desk day (Bills/Budget, phone calls, appointments, estimates for our business, pull coupons, etc)
Thursday: Errand Day (Grocery Shop, and any other stops that I can make in 2.5 hours)
Friday: Car/Purse clean out day (I go to a free vacuum place and clean out my car every other Friday, and I fill up my tank while I am out...Clean out my purse and put away receipts that I didn't get done on desk day)

Each day I have a morning routine: Shower, get dressed, wipe down my sink and toilet, start laundry, make bed, take my medication (I have a low thyroid), empty dishwasher, feed dog and kids...then after all that I finally feed myself.  Then I check e-mail and may planner for any appointments.  I also pull out any meat or get my plan for dinner going).  I also do 15 minutes in each zone for the week.  So, for example this week is Living room/Family Room.  So, I have been doing short missions in both rooms.  Dust, declutter, vacuum furniture, etc.)  My life is less chaotic when I live like this and I have time to play...oh, and the hubby is happy that he always has clean clothes to wear!  :)

Here is our Menu for this week:
Wednesday: Baked Chicken Parmesean with Baby Spinach (spaghetti for Thomas...he is a vegetarian)
Thursday: Fish/Bean Tacos
Friday: It's homemade pizza night!
Saturday: Movie night with popcorn, fruit, nuts, etc.
Sunday: Chicken/Bean Fajitas
Monday: Spaghetti with Meatballs and Salad
Tuesday: Buffalo Burgers/Veggie Burgers, homemade french fries, veggie.
Wednesday: Leftovers

Tomorrow is my shopping day for all my needed items.  I don't need much, and I need to stock up on some more cereal.  How is it that last time I checked I had over 30 boxes, and now I have 6 in my stock pile???  I just don't get how my family can chow down on that much cereal???  I have a rain check for cereal at Albertson's so I am heading there tomorrow also!

Have a fabulous day!


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