Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2nd Trip of my Challenge

I am missing my other two gallon bags and a loaf of bread in this picture, but this is my shopping trip for the week all combined.

I hit Walgreen's today for my eggs.  I decided that I needed to spend my $2 in RR's on items that were needed, so I picked up 2 dozen eggs and I needed another item to make the $2, so I picked up a clearance Valentine Temporary Tatoo.  All their Valentine stuff is 50% off.
I shouldn't need eggs next week.

Eggs are $.99 x 2 =$ 1.98
Temporary Tatoo=$.25
Total $2.23
Used my two RR's and paid $.23

Then I hit Walmart.  I decided to pick up my lettuce and apples there.  My friend over at The The Whimsical Princess told me that they had card games for $.24.  So, I decided to check it out.  Hasbro has IP's for $4 and $5 off specific games.  You can use these on the card games.  They were out of the Scrabble card games, so I picked up the Pictureka card game.  It is $5.24, minus the $5 IP and you have a card game for $.24!  Thanks Jenn for the tip!

Here are my totals for Walmart:
Card Game $5.24.
Lettuce: $.99
Cilantro: $.45
Apples: $1.35
Total: $8.03
Minus $5 IP
Total with Tax: $3.58

Total for the Week: $17.64
I am done shopping for the week!  I will post the great deals for you for next week when I get my ads.


The Whimsical Princess said...

Target has the same games and some of them have the $5.00 of coupons in there too. Bummer they are out of scrabble I was going to go get some more.

Bridget said...

Maybe they will restock. I was thinking they would be great gifts to give. I will have to check out Target also.

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