Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shopping Walgreen's


Many people think Walgreen's is expensive. I did until I started really shopping there. I have gotten many free items there.

1.)Register Rewards (RR's) are really cool. If you do this right you can score some great deals. This one takes a while to learn.
A.  A register reward is a coupon that prints after you pay for an item that is on a Register Reward sale. This coupon is good for so much off your next purchase...anything you want.

B.Register rewards can be rolled into other purchases.
For example: if I bought Chapstick for $1.99 and got back a RR for $2 I could use this to purchase another RR participating item. But, do not buy another Chapstick with your RR, or you will not get another RR.

C.If I used my Chapstick RR for Skintimate Shave Gel for $2.99 which then in turn will give me a RR for $3.00 . I could then roll my register reward back into a Chapstick purchase and another item that I need for $1.00 or so, pay nothing, and use my Chapstick RR for another Skintimate get another RR, and keep going ending up with $1.99 out of my pocket (OOP) and free chapstick and Skintimate.

D.If you can use a coupon with your purchase to lower your OOP. Your RR will still print.  If you don’t get a coupon you can call 1-800-8-Coupon and they will mail you your RR.

E.You need to have an item for each coupon that you use. So, if you use multiple RR’s to pay for an item use a filler item. Fillers can be something really cheap. I pick up pencils, candy, kids cups, clearance items. Something small. Just remember to have an item for each coupon, including your RR. Walgreen coupons should not count toward this.

2.)Walgreens will accept one MFQ and one Walgreen’s Q per item. Stack your coupons for even better deals. You can use WAGS 7 day coupons and a MFQ and WAGS Easy Saver coupons (these are called Instant Value Coupons or IVC), this may vary by store.
3.)Make sure to hand your MFQ first and then the Walgreen’s coupons, then your RR’s. If you don’t your coupons may beep. Then they question your coupons.


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