Thursday, February 11, 2010

School Notebook

My daughter seems to be having trouble staying organized.  She is NOT like me one bit in that area. 
So, I decided to create a school notebook for her to use. 
I took a regular old binder that was laying around the house...

I added some cute paper I had in my scrapbooking stuff and make a label for it.

Then I took some manila file folders and cut them to fit and added labels for each subject and then put her papers into it.  She can flip through it each night to make sure she completed her homework.

I added a page that says Read for 20 minutes and enter it into your log and then have mom or dad sign it.  She tends to forget entering in her log each night and then has missing reading assignments.

Jalynn has a lot of homework each night, and we struggle to get it done because of course she is a kid and doesn't want to do all this homework.

She has one spelling activity each night
A math worksheet...usually
20 minutes of reading
10 Minutes of writing
5 minutes or so of math facts practice (flash cards)
to finish any work she doesn't get done during the day

It is A LOT and I feel for her, however, she is doing excellent in school and is reading at a mid 3rd grade level.
I also added her lunch menu and letters that are sent home.  I want to to be involved in all aspects of her schooling.
I think I will be adding a pencil bag with pencils, erasers, crayons, ruler, etc.  Then she has it all in one spot until we can get her a desk set up.

I have a household notebook and I think she will like this.  I am going to surprise her with it today.


The Whimsical Princess said...

Look at you go it is her own little control journal! Way to get her started young.

Bridget said...

LOL, My little disorganized child NEED this. I am trying to help her in any area I can! I hate to see her end up so disorganized.

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