Saturday, February 27, 2010

King Soopers Kellogg's Cereal Deal

I hit Kings today with my sweet daughter who was so helpful.

We picked up 4 boxes of Raisin Bran and 2 gallons of milk to start.
Among other items...I paid $5 plus tax.  I used a $1/3 coupon
Then I went out to my car and pulled out all the coupons.
Now, there are different packs of coupons.  But, I got the ones with the milk coupons (2 of those) and 2 with Raisin Bran coupons.

So, my next purchase was (2) Boxes of Frosted Flakes and (2) Boxes of Corn Pops, and the (2) Gallons of Milk
Used (2) $1/2 coupons, these were specific to which I could buy.
Used (2) $1 off Milk Coupons
Paid $2.13 and out came my $3 Catalina!

Next transactions was:
(4) Boxes of Raisin Bran
(2) Gallons of Milk
Used (2) $1/2 Raisin Bran coupons
Used $3 Catalina
Paid $1.13 and got all the coupons in the Raisin Bran boxes again.

I needed to leave but I will most likely go back again.  I need to make space in my freezer for some milk.  I did give my mom 2 gallons.


The Whimsical Princess said...

I think that is all I have done this weekend! I have done at least 9 transactions. I am going to go a couple of more times, I just can't pass it up. I also got free bananas out of the deal.

Bridget said...

I got the coupon packs with $1 off coffee wyb Kellogg's cereal...that doesn't help this deal much. I would take the free fruit. LOL! I should go back.

The Whimsical Princess said...

I can't stop myself!!! I went again today, and I got the good packs I think it is number one. I have enough for 7 more runs and they will all be free, how can I not. I may have to donate some milk, but that isn't a bad thing I am sure they can use it.

Bridget said...

Yes, I totally know. I haven't had time to post any other deals as I have been dealing with sick kids and doing this deal myself. I am going out right now to do a couple more. LOL! I want some Rice Krispies and FREE FRUIT!

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