Saturday, February 6, 2010

Diaper Deal this week at Walgreen's 2/7-2-13

Huggies, Goodnights, or Pullups are on RR for $3 when you buy one for $8.99

So it would look like this:
-2.00 MFQ (this is for pull ups, the diaper coupon is $1.50 unless you have an IP for more)
-$1.00 WQ (this is in the Children's Activity Book sold for $1 at Walgreens, I found it in the back by the Pharmacy)
Total $5.99
Get $3.00 RR
EDITED: New Huggies Bricks Coupon  I printed two and it expires 3/31/10, make sure you hit your back button to print two!

But, there may be more is hard to say since we get the short ad here in Denver, so I guess each week what will be in the ad since the long ad is what is all over the internet.

If we have the Gillette Razors in our ad and the coupons come as $5 off then you can get FREE Razors also...I believe there will also be Men's Dove Body Wash will be a MONEY MAKER after RR.  It will be $5.99 then use the $1.25 off Mens Dove Body Wash to make $1.25!!!

I will be looking over the ad closely in the morning and making a run.  I need my extra papers tomorrow!

I deleted the Children's Motrin Deal as we don't have that in our ad this week, and we get the $4 Gillette Razor coupon here.

Here is my plan:
#1 Dove Men's Body Wash
-$1.25 1/31 RP
Total $4.74
Get $6 RR

#2 Huggies Pull Ups
-$2.00 MFQ
-$1.00 Walgreen's IVC
Total $5.99
Use $6RR from Dove
I will also need 2 Filler items to use my coupons because you need an item for every coupon you use.  I will probably get some Valentine Pencils for $.10 each
I am guessing my total around $.81
Then I will get a $3RR

#3 Gillette Razor (my hubby will be totally set on razors for a while)
-$4.00 MFQ 2/7 P&G
1 Filler Item $.10
Total $5.09
Use $3RR
Total: $2.09
Get $4.00 RR

Then I will start over again.
I will be paying $7.64 plus tax out of my pocket and I will end up with a $4RR to keep going.
I will be buying more papers for the razor coupons.  Then I plan on getting some mascara, eye liner, etc.  I may be paying for them, but I am in need.

Here is another option:
I love the Garnier Fructis Shampoo/Conditioner
It is on RR this week also.

Buy $20 get $10 RR's
Buy 6 bottles
Use (6) $1 MFQ from 2/7 RP
Total: $14.00
If you do the Razor deal you can use the $4 RR and pay $10 and get a $10 RR
Then you can combine the Dove and Huggies and use the $10 RR, just make sure you have the right amount of items for your coupons.
I may do this one also, but I need more papers first.


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